Public view of media and media usage.

I interviewed four people asking them about the media and how they used it.All four people were from different age groups and different ethnic backgrounds.

When asked about the importance of knowing what’s going on in Qatar and around the world all responded with very important. Some said that you can’t live in a country and not know what’s going around in it and for the second part of the question there were different answers. It’s very important to know the world news to keep up to date, for example “the world is facing so many disasters with people dying in Syria and Egypt for supporting what they believe in, if you didn’t keep yourself updated how would you know about all these massacres?”

Everyone uses the information they get from media differently. Some would share all the information let it be small or big they would let everyone around them know. Others would not share unless it was big or breaking news.

All four that were interviewed listed different news that they paid attention to; sports, financial/business and world news were among them. Most of were they got their news from were television channels such as Al Jazeera and CNN and newspapers such as The Sun and The Huffington Post.

Considering all four were from different age groups and different backgrounds though they all managed to agree on one thing; that “the news should say they truth”.



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