The Emerald Isle: Ireland

You’re probably asking yourself why Ireland? Well the real question is why not?
It has been voted many times as the favorite holiday destination in many magazines and it defiantly didn’t get its nickname just like that.

In an article for Nova Car Hire entitled “10 Reasons To Visit Ireland“, the author (unknown) lists just as the title says, 10 reasons to visit Ireland. The list includes Irelands history and strong heritage and the stunning Irish scenery.

Most importantly listed at no. 1 is the clean fresh air of Ireland. If your taking a vacation just to relax from work/school stress, then Ireland is the place to go! You will indulge in it’s beautiful scenery and gorgeous mountains leaving you guaranteed to be stress-free when you go back (if you ever do) !

To cut it short, if Ireland is not on your lists of places to go, you need to add it. I know I have it on there!


(Image courtesy of My Budget Travel)

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