Interviewing An Experienced Traveler

Sheikha Khalid, known among her family and friends as “The Traveler” for her many travels that cease to disappoint. I sat down with her at a calm café called Java U. We talked about her travels and how someone should choose their destinations.

travel-world[1](Image courtesy of Grenada Co-operative Bank)

Q: How should one choose their perfect destination?
A: It really depends on where they are in the world, what season they are travelling in, the type of travel(i.e. holiday travel, family etc.) and whose travelling.

Q: How have you become an expert on choosing perfect destinations?

A: When I was a little girl travelling with my parents, I almost always come back miserable. They would take us, my siblings and I, to places where we as kids could not do anything. They would take us to museums, historical landmarks and other places that were no-fun to us. Finally when I got older I made an obligation to only travel to places that suited me and my travel companions best.

Q: What are they advantages of going to the right place, and its disadvantages if any, and advantages of going to the wrong place and its disadvantages?

A: The advantages of going to the right place consists of having the best time of your life and some good, cherishable  memories. The only disadvantage there is, is if you went to the wrong place. In fact you would have the absolute opposite of going to the right place. You would be miserable, homesick and most of all you are going to hate the place you’re in and you would never want to come back there again.

Q: How do you choose your perfect destination / what is your process?

A: Well the first thing I do is see who’s going on the trip. If there are kids, then I know I need to choose a place with an environment that’s suitable for them. Then depending on the season, I would eliminate the places that have the same season as we have. For example, it’s summer and we can’t stand the heat anymore, logically you would choose a place that is cooler rather than hotter. So you would go to Germany instead of Kuwait. Then I would look at things we can do there, of course you don’t want to spend your time in a hotel room looking at the scenery for 7 days! You want to go out and explore, do some activities and have fun while you’re there. By now, my choices have narrowed down so this is when we would get together and discuss our options and opinions and finally choose a place.

Q: When is the perfect time to travel?

A: See this is the beauty of travelling, there isn’t a certain time. You can go right now if you wanted. There’s no limitation on the timing other than to be aware of that places season.

Q: Lastly do you have any advice?

A: Go somewhere that suits you. Don’t go to a remote island when your biggest pet peeve is the sand between your toes or if you or somebody else has a fear of being isolated. Also when you do go somewhere don’t do the things you can do back home like shopping, do things that are exclusive to that place and make some memories.

I was fascinated by her easy process and her remarkable results. As easy as it sounds, choosing a place to go to won’t be that hard for me anymore and now I know how to enjoy my trips and make the best of them. I hope you’ve learned from this too. 🙂



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