Let It Go

Storyteller, photographer and travel enthusiast, Audrey Scott, writes for a joined blog with her husband Daniel Noll. Their blog Uncornered Market, aims to “humanize the places we visit, drawing our readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.”

In a post titled 10 Ways Travel Helps You Let Go, posted on the 10th of February 2014, Scott starts by defining what letting go is and gives a list of 10 things travel helps you let go of. The list shows you ways on how to let go of control, who you should be, time, fear, living in the future (i.e to enjoy the present), perfection, stereotypes and prejudice, façade, saying I can’t do that and letting go of the right way. All in an effort to change your life and “find remarkable opportunities to realign, break through barriers and jettison emotional baggage.”

From its title I knew the post would interest me, but I did not expect myself to like it as much as I did. I found the post to be so intriguing that I could not find any flaws in it. The tone, which varies from calm to sarcastic, makes the post very easy and enjoyable to read and lets you want to try to implement and to let go of things.

To me, the hardest of the letting goes are letting go of perfection and the right way. I’m a perfectionist, everything I do, I try to make it as perfect as it can get. I also only do things the right way or how it should be done. I don’t go out of line and have soup for breakfast as Scott suggests.

These are my biggest challenges, it may sound silly, but they’re easier said than done, it’s very hard to let go of such habits. Nevertheless, challenge accepted.


2 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. What a wonderful topic to talk about! I liked the article Audrey Scott wrote as much as I liked your response. Personally, I feel like I’m in a new planet by being in a country that I have never visited, surrounded by people with different cultures and traditions. Also, when I travel, I forget whatever makes me in a bad mood and just live the moment. I try as much as I could to make it a perfect and memorable adventure.

    • Hi!
      That’s exactly the message that Scott tries to send to the readers. When traveling you really should be in another world and unattached to reality to be able to fully enjoy your trip.


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