Airports Can Be Fun

In an article titled “Where’s The Best Airport In The World To Be Stranded?” by Emily Lodish posted on the National Podcast Radios website on the 2nd of December 2013, Lodish lists 12 outstanding airports that offer activities for the passers-by and the victims of layovers and flight delays.  Though I disagree with some of her choices, I think their are others who should have made the cut.

Lodish, a deputy editor at GlobalPost, titled her post in a way that sounds as: things you can do when you’re stranded in an airport, at least thats how it sounded to me. The third airport on her list, Tegel airport in Berlin, has no use of being on that list. Lodish says, “Tegel terminal is a large hexagon. The honeycomb shape is repeated in towers, stairways and floor tiles.” Between a butterfly garden in Singapore’s Changi airport and a golf course in Hong Kong International Airport, there is not much you can do in Tegel airport just because it has a neat shape.

On the other hand you’ve got Incheon International Airport in Korea with many activities such as two movie theaters, an ice rink, museum, 90 duty free shops and many other facilities and services. An airport like that should have been on the list since it has been named one of the best airports in the world time and time over.

Lodish takes a stretch at the ninth on her list, Doha International Airport in Qatar. All 11 other airports we’re actual airports or in the airports. This one was not in the airport, instead it is “within walking distance of the airport.” That, dear readers, is a restaurant called Petra. Lodish considers Petra’s falafel as the best falafel for being delicious and cheap. Though she mentions that Doha has been called “World’s most boring (city),” I find that to be 110% ill-judged.

I could leave this for another post but I would rather discuss this now. As a Qatari, I feel very protective of my country and felt very offended of what Lodish said about Doha. First, Qatar is a small country, land wise and age wise. For a country thats only 43-years-old, with all of its achievements such as human development through education by bringing very well-known American universities in Doha, Qatar has grown faster than any other economy in the world. Like I said, for a small country, that’s saying something. Of course that is only one example, I could sit here and tell you the rest, but I will leave that for another post. Maybe I will do a list of all the reason why Doha is not the most boring city in the world.


3 thoughts on “Airports Can Be Fun

  1. That’s a good response Ghalya.. But I have to agree though that when I first read the article title I thought about an airport with some activities to do in leisure time in case of an airplane delay or something like that. Also, I think it’s so disrespectful to talk that way about a country and I would have replayed in the same way you did. Kafu bnt blady! 🙂


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