Final Remarks

For my composition class, I had to create a blog based on a theme I had chosen. My thoughts: disaster in the making. I enjoy writing but not blogging, obviously I had never tried it before.
Much to my surprise, blogging turned out to be fun. It’s great to be able to write something and share it with the world and have anybody out there reply to you.

Blogging has taught me to write things, but to keep them short, fun, relatable to the reader and most importantly to the point. I tend to drag things out in my writing, blogging has taught me otherwise. I noticed this change as I was writing “Airports Can Be Fun”.

Another thing blogging has taught me was, writing in a way that demands a readers response to gain interaction with them. I would call that a success because not only did I engage in conversation with my fellow peers, I also received likes, follows and some comments from many people across the globe.

The former has been very helpful in my composition class because it aided me in my writing, in terms of writing to the point and not losing track.

I consider my blog as a success, because if anything, it helped me change my writing style and made me more creative. This is evident in my class work and essays and also in previous posts. My favorite essay is by far “When Traffic Police Officers Presence Is Not Necessary”. I believe it has all the changes I mentioned and shows all the things that blogging has taught me.

With the exception of proof reading my work, I honestly would not have done anything differently. In fact, I would do it all over again, exactly the way I did it the first time. I enjoyed every minute of it the way it was.

To future ABP bloggers, choose a theme that interests you. Not necessarily something you love but something that seems interesting, keep in mind that you will be writing about or linking to this theme for an entire semester. You want to choose something that is interesting because along the way, you’ll find out about things you never knew. If you choose something you’re really good at, because of the massive information you have on this topic, you would want to put it all in one essay, and you’ll end up with a mess. Make sure to choose something that is enjoyable, and from there everything will be a piece of cake.

Make sure you enjoy your time to the fullest, because your time at the ABP will fly by so fast and the next thing you know, your name is being called up to walk on the graduation stage.

Maybe these aren’t my final remarks on blogging, maybe, just maybe.



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